Fair Isle 💕

When I began crocheting, about 6 years ago, I envisioned fair isle patterns and fancy stitches. Little did I know how much involvement this new hobby would bring into my life. At the new year, my goal was to learn the center single crochet stitch (aka the waistcoat or knit look stutch). I now feel as though I have accomplished that goal and have some pretty productions to share with you. I charted out each of these hats.

I think the faux fur poms add a nice touch. This stitch is challenging. If you have not experimented with fair isle, you should.



I crocheted made my first stuffed animal creation. It is a blue bear for one of the children in my Sunday School class. It turned out super cute. My daughter has been giving it a lot of love before it leaves and also suggested the bear have a scarf. 

If you haven’t tried amigurumi, you should. I love the endless possibilities with crochet crafting. 😄



I have officially mastered cables, and turned out some beautiful hats before Christmas. 

This cabled bun hat was a special order from Christmas in Bridgeville. 

And the beanie! I made quite a few cables bun hats & beanies via special order, they turned out to be pretty popular this year. Basic cabled bun hats are $20 & beanies are $25. Want one for yourself? Contact us! 

Next step is to master the basics to fair isle stitching. 😄

Happy hooking. 💚 Rachel

‘Tis the Season

Warming the Heart

With a successful Apple Scrapple craft show behind us, it’s onward to preparation for Christmas in Bridgeville, our next craft show on the horizon.  We’ve been busy starting Christmas crafting.  I’ve been mostly focusing this year on reindeer hats and headbands.  I hope they’re a big hit.  Once I finally have one completed, I’ll post a picture, but as I’m doing assembly line style, I still have 14 antlers, 25 ear pieces, and a few bows to make, plus a minimum of 9 buttons to sew on.  I suspect I’ll be done sometime in….October.  🙂  Kidding.  Keep posted for some upcoming specials, namely in conjunction with Small Business Saturday.

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The Unicorn Trend

I am sure you have heard this at least once, “Be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn (or Batman), then be a unicorn… (or Batman)” I have always found unicorns to be fascinating creatures. Although I doubt they are as we depicted, spreading cheer & rainbows everywhere. I imagine them to be quite fiercer, like the rhinocerous. Rawr.. don’t want to be impaled by that horn. 

Anyways, the unicorn trend… I jumped on that band wagon as I was crocheting headbands this month AND even whipped up a pretty mug cozy.

Happy hooking! 🦄🌈☕

Come and See Us!

Warming the Heart

The Apple Scrapple Festival is this weekend.  As a result, I’ve been very busy preparing.  This will be our 6th year participating in the Trinity Craft Show at Apple Scrapple.  If you’d like to stop by and peruse our amazing inventory, we will be located in the gymnasium of Woodbridge Middle School (307 Laws Street, Bridgeville, DE) on Saturday, October 14, 2017 from 9am to 4pm.

We have so many cool items to choose from.  Don’t let the warm day deter you from making a cold weather purchase.  😉  Hope to see you there!

Also, if you see something you like, but can’t attend the craft show, email us!  We will sell from our inventory, or even will do custom orders.  rcraftycreations@gmail.com.

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Flower Power Headphones Pattern

Warming the Heart

Check out my new pattern!  It’s been ages since I took the time to write and post a new pattern.  I’m always creating, but formatting a pattern, getting it tested, and all the other stuff that goes into pattern publishing is so much work that I rarely am committed enough to follow through.  🙂

I created this pattern for a DJ Suki Trolls hat.  I couldn’t find a headphone pattern that resembled hers as closely as I desired, so I wrote my own.  It’s been proofed and tested and looks great in a variety of colors.

You can buy the pattern on Ravelry for $5.  Flower Power Headphone Pattern

It incorporates some tapestry crochet, but isn’t too difficult to pick up if you’ve never done tapestry before, give it a try and you might find you enjoy it!

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Crazy turkeys

My daughter watches a movie, Free Birds, in which two turkeys travel back in time “to stop the first Thanksgiving”. It is a cute movie. So my daughter often asks if we can “pwetend to be the cwaaaaazyy turkeys”. 🦃

This year I whipped up a few Crazy Turkey hats for our Apple Scrapple festival. They turned out cute. 

Then my children asked to try them on…

Then ran to look at themselves in the mirror & pulled the hats down like this…

And began to gobble & flap their arms about. (Crazy turkeys)

Crocheting my life away & wishing you a great day…