Trolls – Guy Diamond

Warming the Heart

Guy Diamond, everyone’s favorite disco ball.  This hat is crazy glittery, but oh, so awesome.  $30


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Crafting like crazy

Hi everyone! I hope your day has been filled with sparkley rays of sunshine. 🌞 I have been sooo busy, between caring for my 2 children, who are bundles of excitement & bursts of energy, & crafting, & crafting. & did I say crafting? Lol #craftaddictinthehouse

Anyways, crafting, partly for our Apple Scrapple Festival, and partly for the changing of the seasons has been so much fun. My partner has already posted about our Troll inspired hats. (Are they not amazing?)  To “Branch” out a little, I also made a Mr. Dinkles hat(mew). I did not have a pattern to go from, but had a blast making up different pieces & trying my creativity. Here is the final product…

                                                “Oh snap!”

Happy crafting everyone!! 

♪I’ve got that sunshine in my pocket… got that good soul in my feet…♪

Trolls – Branch

Warming the Heart

First of all, I’m sorry once again for the lapse of posting.  I’m coming to grips with the fact that I’m just not a blogger.  I do enjoy it, to some extent, but as it’s not a priority, nothing ever gets posted.  I’d like to say that I’ll try to do better, but I feel as that might be an empty promise.  🙂

Recently inspired by the Trolls movie, my business partner and I teamed together to make troll hats.  They turned out awesome!  We are in the process of making several of the main/fun characters.  They are adorable and funny when worn!  This post will feature Branch.

Branch hats are selling for $25.  Also, if you want a custom troll design, let us know!  Prices for all trolls are between $25 and $30.

20170815_10024520170823_132452    Picture0830171103_1

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“Oh we love snow, we love snow”(sung to the tune of Jingle bells) 

I love snow for multiple reasons, but watching it fall ❄, I think that is my favorite part. This weekend we had a decent snowfall, about 6-7 inches. So I busily finished a hat that I’ve been working on to match a cowl I made. I love it. 

Pom poms & cables

I recently learned how to do pom poms correctly. At first, they looked like tassels, which is no good. Haha

Then I came across a beautiful cabled hat at It is called the “go with the flow hat” if you crochet & want to try it for yourself. I learned how to cross over stitches & a yarn over slip stitch! I tried it with 2 different yarns & both turned out great! 

This hat was not intended for my son, but he made a cute model.

My daughter “needed” a yellow hat to go with her yellow scarf. Don’t they look ready to go out in their pajamas? 😂

It was an easy pattern to follow (and free!) I may have to make one up for myself soon. The thicker yarn gave the hat a stiffer shape than the lighter yarn. Great weekend project.

 Keep whippin it! 😄

Check me-owwt 🐱

I’ve been seeing quite a lot of interesting hats in the stores lately, but none of them had that p’zazz that makes them stand out as being unique(or hand made in the great U.S. of A). I also have this fascination with sparkles… thus Smacked with a Sparkle came to be. Of course, I decided to whip up my own. 

I LOVE this hat. It catches the light & makes a statement. Plus, my shadow pictures are super cool. 😸

Order yours today! Adult hats $20. Children $15. Contact me at 

Getting cozy

Are you a coffee lover or a tea lover? I drink a cup of coffee every morning. Sometimes I get to sit & relax, other times, I am heading out the door. Whatever the case, I normally wait at least a minute to grab my mug or to go cup because they are so hot. Yes, I know the mug has a handle, but if you are like me, you probably like to snuggle that mug. 😄

Solution? Mug & cup cozies!!! I am whipping up cozies for the 2016 Apple Scrapple craft show. They are so pretty & absorb the heat from my mug or cup as they are made with cotton yarn.


To-go cup cozies in solids feature a half-double stitch with a reverse single stitch edging along the top. These cute cozies start at $4 for the simple, solid design.


The mug cozy features a combined single & double stitch pattern with a button. I absolutely LOVE how this turned out. These solid cozies begin at $6.

If you don’t see a color you like or would like something custom-made, feel free to inbox me at

🍂🌻How are you going to get cozy for fall? 🎃🍁