“Oh we love snow, we love snow”(sung to the tune of Jingle bells) 

I love snow for multiple reasons, but watching it fall ❄, I think that is my favorite part. This weekend we had a decent snowfall, about 6-7 inches. So I busily finished a hat that I’ve been working on to match a cowl I made. I love it. 

Pom poms & cables

I recently learned how to do pom poms correctly. At first, they looked like tassels, which is no good. Haha

Then I came across a beautiful cabled hat at http://www.myhobbyiscrochet.com. It is called the “go with the flow hat” if you crochet & want to try it for yourself. I learned how to cross over stitches & a yarn over slip stitch! I tried it with 2 different yarns & both turned out great! 

This hat was not intended for my son, but he made a cute model.

My daughter “needed” a yellow hat to go with her yellow scarf. Don’t they look ready to go out in their pajamas? 😂

It was an easy pattern to follow (and free!) I may have to make one up for myself soon. The thicker yarn gave the hat a stiffer shape than the lighter yarn. Great weekend project.

 Keep whippin it! 😄

Being a crochet artist.

Being a crochet artist is so much fun. I love learning new stitches & creating new whips. I recently whipped up a hooded cowl, (supposed to be for a customer, but I shamefully misplaced her info. Note: If you happen to read this please email me.) and I am working on one similar. 

The other one I am whipping has more variety in color & some sparkle (of course). 

It is made for an older child, so there is some extra room in the hood. My daughter was so excited to pose until she found out it was not intended for her. 

If you are interested in a hooded cowl, inbox me at jynxess@aol.com. Merry hooking!

Check me-owwt 🐱

I’ve been seeing quite a lot of interesting hats in the stores lately, but none of them had that p’zazz that makes them stand out as being unique(or hand made in the great U.S. of A). I also have this fascination with sparkles… thus Smacked with a Sparkle came to be. Of course, I decided to whip up my own. 

I LOVE this hat. It catches the light & makes a statement. Plus, my shadow pictures are super cool. 😸

Order yours today! Adult hats $20. Children $15. Contact me at jynxess@aol.com. 

Apple Scrapple is Upon Us!

Warming the Heart

Funny story.  I don’t know who is in charge of the Apple Scrapple Festival, but my personal opinion is that whoever it is made things way too confusing.  I planned to go for the craft show on the wrong date!  Thankfully, a friend pointed out my error.  I assumed I knew when the craft show was, so I didn’t carefully read my paperwork.  Now, here’s the thing.  Every year that I’ve done it (this will be the 5th), it has been on the second Saturday of October.  Every. Single. One.  So, naturally, I assumed this would be the same.  Apparently, it is supposed to be the “second FULL weekend in October.”  Okay, great.  Only, October 1st was a SATURDAY.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t consider Friday a weekend day, even though I’d like to.  And most people I know have to work, because Friday is a WEEKDAY…

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Making Progress!

Warming the Heart

I’ve been really busy preparing for my upcoming craft show attendance at the Trinity Craft Show at Apple Scrapple in Bridgeville, DE on October 8, 2016.  I was so busy working, that I didn’t realize exactly how much progress I had made!  When I took a step back and looked at what I had accomplished in a 2.5 week period, I was floored…and pleased.  I already have a really good inventory built up, so adding these things to that is wonderful!

When I counted the items, it’s something like 16 hats, 17 flowers, 5 small cowls, 1 wrap around scarf, and 3 beards.  I still can’t believe it.

I’m getting very excited about the upcoming show.  Just a few more things on my “to do” list.  I also ordered business cards that should arrive any day now!  Hooray!

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If You Give a Girl a Crochet Hook

Warming the Heart

My daughter has been on a “Give a Mouse” book kick.  We’ve read almost all of the different books that Laura Numeroff has written.  I got “inspired,” so to speak, and decided to write a crocheter’s version.  It isn’t very good, but thought I’d share anyway.  🙂

If You Give a Girl a Crochet Hook
(idea from Laura Numeroff, poem by Rebekah Bowers)

If you give a girl a crochet hook, she’s going to want some yarn to go with it.
When you bring her the yarn, she’ll probably ask what other colors you have.
When you show her the other colors, she’ll remember a pattern she’s been wanting to try.
She’ll ask to borrow your computer.

When she’s online, she finds 3 other patterns she likes.
You won’t have the yarn color(s) she wants, so you’ll have to take her to the craft store.
While at the craft store, she’ll…

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Life Goes On

Warming the Heart

Well, it’s been ages since my last post and a lot has happened since.  I’ll have to catch people up on my personal blog.  I finally have very limited internet access at home, and I hope to be able to post once in a while – at least more often than I have.

I have been working like crazy on projects for the upcoming Apple Scrapple Craft Show.  Which, by the way, is on October 8, 2016 at the Woodbridge Middle School (formerly the High School) from 9am to 4pm.  I am amazed at how much I’ve been able to accomplish with my toddler running around.  I am excited for this craft show and the Christmas craft show (though I will be 8 months pregnant at the Christmas one!  Talk about an experience).

I am hoping to get my inventory built up to the point in this next month that…

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