Welcome to Warming the Heart!  We’re here to serve you.  Please let us know how we can help fulfill your accessory and decorating needs.


R Crafty Creations was founded in 2009.  Crafters and sisters, Rebekah and Renae, each were launching their own lines and realized that joining forces could be beneficial to both of them.  Thus, R Crafty Creations was born.

LogoRebekah sells beautiful, handmade, crochet items through her business, Warming the Heart.  She writes some of her own patterns, and is very skilled at duplicating items.  Warming the Heart caters to all ages and genders.  The specialties are scarves and hats.  The baby line has exploded in the few years, with Santa hats being a huge hit.  Warming the Heart has been at numerous craft shows and is planning to continue to participate in the local ones.  To place orders, or ask questions, email rcraftycreations@gmail.com or visit Warming the Heart online or on facebook!
Nae’s Heart Earrings was also started in 2009 as Nae’s Heart Jewelry.  Renae custom made all her jewelry, designing all the pieces herself.  Renae’s interests changed directions in the past several years and now she is a successful Consultant for Thirty-One.  If you want to know more about Thirty-One or order bags and accessories, please visit the website or facebook page.

Profile Pic 2In 2013, R Crafty Creations received another new addition to its craftiness.  Smacked with a Sparkle, founded by Rachel, specializes in crochet , canvas art, and home decor.  Smacked with a Sparkle partcipates in craft shows with Warming the Heart.  For orders or questions, email Rachel at hoorae4green@gmail.com.  Look up Smacked with a Sparkle on facebook!

In 2017, Rachel and Rebekah decided that it would be simpler to consolidate under one name for simplicity.  Thus, they are now under Warming the Heart.  The Smacked with a Sparkle facebook page is still active, and Rachel will continue to post on this blog site.  Both Rachel and Rebekah can be reached at rcraftycreations@gmail.com or, you can email Rachel directly at the email address listed above.


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